1. Car Shipping Transport USA   gives the customer a time of delivery. The delivery date is approximate, as weather issues and road conditions may affect time of delivery. The carrier is not to be held responsible for occasional delays or occasional losses caused by delays.

2. Transport company is authorized to operate and transport Customer’s motor vehicle between its pickup location and the destination set forth on the shipping order and Bill of Lading.

3. The customer should prepare the vehicle before pickup with no more than a half a tank of fuel. Loose parts should be removed, as should any items on the outside of the vehicle that may fall off or be lost during the trips. The carrier is not responsible for lost parts that may fall of the vehicle during the trip.

4. Alarm systems should be turned off. If not turned off, customer should provide instructions on how to turn them off.

5. Customer’s personal belongings may be stored inside the vehicle during the delivery. However, the carrier is not responsible for items that may be lost during delivery, only the delivery of the vehicle. Therefore, it is not recommended that the customer leave valuables or important personal belongings inside the vehicle unless willing to do so at his/her own risk. Most importantly, items and luggage must amount to no more than 100 lbs, and must be kept in a single suitcase or single bag inside the trunk of the vehicle. The vehicle may not include potentially dangerous objects such as flammables, firearms, ammunition, etc.

6. In the case that the vehicle is exceptionally large, the customer must let the carrier know. The customer should also let the carrier know if the vehicle is not functioning properly, otherwise the customer may be responsible for extra charges and fees that this may result in.

7.  Car Shipping Transport USA   reserves the right to cancel a delivery in certain situations such as weather-related issues, unsafe road conditions, etc.

8. The customer’s vehicle will be inspected at the time of pickup to check for prior or existing damages, and the customer will be provided with a copy of the Bill of Lading to sign. After the inspection is finished, and the customer signs the Bill of Lading, the carrier assumes responsibility for the vehicle until the time of delivery. The condition of the vehicle will also be inspected when delivered. The customer will be provided with a final copy of the Bill of Lading that he/she is to sign.

If the post-delivery inspection reveals damages that occurred during the delivery, they must be documented in the proper place in the Bill of Lading in any situation. Claims must be filed within 24 hours of delivery, in writing. Carrier damage claims are covered by $1,000,000 minimum public liability and property damage, and  Car Shipping Transport USA   will share insurance details with the customer when requested. If no damages are documented, and if the customer signs the inspection report and final copy of the Bill of Lading, the vehicle is assumed to be in acceptable condition. Therefore,  Car Shipping Transport USA   Inc. and its carriers are cleared of further responsibilities regarding the vehicle.

Customer must understand that the carrier may not be held responsible for damages caused by acts of God, referring to unpreventable disasters such as tornadoes, storms, hail, etc. Carrier is also not to be held responsible for damages caused by broken parts of the vehicle or parts that are not functioning properly.

Customer understands that  Car Shipping Transport USA  never takes possession of a customer’s personal property. The customer also understands that the sole responsibility of  Car Shipping Transport USA  .is the transaction between the customer and  Car Shipping Transport USA   to provide a carrier to deliver the customer’s vehicle.

If the delivery takes place between different states, the Carmack Amendment applies to claims for property damage.

Customer agrees and that Car Shipping Transport USA   and its carriers reserve the right to use different modes of transportation if necessary, such as large trucks, railroads or ships in certain situations. Customer also agrees that  Car Shipping Transport USA    is allowed to contract with other licensed and insured carriers to deliver the vehicle. Customer also acknowledges that  Car Shipping Transport USA   is registered as a transportations and property broker and acts only in the capacity of the broker.

“Car Shipping Transport USA is not liable for any property damage claims to Customer’s vehicle and that his, her or its sole remedy is against the Carrier